Wednesday, April 26, 2006

World Series Winners

Continuing my examination of payroll and winning, the following is the list of World Series winners and how their payrolls ranked in MLB and/or in their league.

2005 Chicago 13th (5th AL, 1st AL central)
2004 Boston 2nd
2003 Florida 25th
2002 Anaheim 15th (6th in AL, 2nd AL west)
2001 Arizona 8th (3rd in NL)
2000 New York 1st
1999 New York 1st
1998 New York 1st

Comments: 5 or last 8 in top 8 in MLB in payrol. 7 or 8 in top half of MLB payroll. Concerning the 3 teams out of the top 8:
2002 Anaheim - Many contracts were back-end heavy. As such, by 2004 they were 3rd in MLB in total payroll.
2005 Chicago - similar to Anaheim of '02; one year after WS victory, payroll is #4 in MLB, up $27 million from last year.
2003 Florida - Most interesting case, really caught lightening in a bottle. Developed a team via trades, free agency, farm system - a combination of smart moves and good fortune. Unfortunately for Fish fans, the money game (FA, ballpark revenue, etc.) caught up with them, the list of players that they could not afford and lost/had to trade looks like this: Mike Lowell, Derek Lee, Carl Pavano, Josh Beckett, AJ Burnett, Ivan Rodriguez, Ugueth Urbina, Jaun Pierre, Brad Penny...


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2002 Anaheim 15th (6th in AL, 2nd AL west)

This is you see why?