Friday, April 07, 2006


The San Fancisco treat? The way the home fans reacted to Barry Bonds, it must be.

As Bonds stepped to the plate in the bottom of the first inning for his first home AB of the season, the Giants faithful stood and gave Barroid a resounding ovation.

I would have been okay with a majority cheer. Something greater than a golf clap, but less than an ovation, with a scattering of boos. After all, regardless of what Bonds has done to himself and to baseball, he still plays for the Giants, and I cannot blame Giants Fan for wanting to win. Frankly, if I was a San Fran supporter, I too might bury my head in the sand of ignorance and offer up a hand. But a standing O?

A standing ovation is reserved for occurances of extra recognition. For instances, a record breaking achievement, a return from injury, a career finale, etc. So what was the city of San Fancisco cheering for? Were they cheering because Game of Shadows is a best-seller? Were they cheering because Bonds' hat size went up again? Well, I have two guesses.

One, they were cheering steroids. The fans of the SF Giants support rampant steroid use and cheating in baseball.

Two, they were cheering for Bonds to offer him support in face of what they percieve as extraordinary adversity. In addition, as fellow blogger Carson said, they were "responding to the poor treatment and negativity he recieved in San Diego." And I agree with that. But what this tells me about San Francisco fans is that they are idiots. They are seeing and responding to the actions, but looking past the cause. They seem to be ignoring the overwhelming evidence of Bonds' steroid use. Either that, or reason number one is right, and they are supporting it. Throwing a syringe is wrong, but repeatedly plunging one into your ass to inject HGH/Winstrol/Cow Roids/etc thereby developing extraordinary strength and subsequently breaking HR records is okay. Total and utter hypcrisy.

Regardless of team loyalty and rooting interest, no real baseball fan should support the actions of Barry Bonds. He is not your son, San Francisco, the laws of unconditional love does not apply.
Save the standing O's for real accomplishments.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i agree, seems like sour grapes... why are u so againt somebody getting a standing ovation? its so funny that Barry is the the only player in the history of sports to have cheated, yet he's passed every drug test he's been given. And u have guys that have failed test and been suspended, but they are not even mentioned. Also, what about the pitchers on roids or other stuff? how many homeruns did he hit off them? what about clemmens, he doesnt look like he did physically 20 some years ago when he came into the league either and he still has a 96 mph fastball? but no questions about him and streroids? seems like a double standard? Why though? is it because he's a white guy that the media happens to like?

Guy Vestal said...

You know these last two commenters are giant fans of roids, or is it roid fans of the giants? Fans of giant roids?

No matter...


BTW... 7 years later, the truth did back up the blogger after all, didn't it?